Canning Road Evangelical Church

Food Bank

It’s hard to get by on a low-paying job or benefits. The food bank is here to help out by providing free food which you can take away, which has been provided by local businesses and charitable givers. The foodbank is held in our schoolroom (the big green building), and all of us are volunteers who give up our time to help the neighbourhood.

What’s it like?

You can come to the foodbank and stay for a cup of tea or coffee, or just pick up your bags of food:

If you have time for a cuppa:

  • Come inside through our door on the Canning Road side of the schoolroom
  • Inside there are tables to sit and chat
  • We have tea and biscuits to enjoy
  • We would love to talk to you about anything and everything
  • You can get your food from the service table anytime (please be ready to show a proof of benefits when you first sign up)

If you just want to pick up the food:

  • Come inside through our door on the Canning Road side of the schoolroom
  • Come to the service tables at the end of the room
  • You will need to show proof of benefits when you first sign up
  • Our volunteers would love to give you your food

The food

The food which we give includes baked goods from a local bakery (including pies, breads, and sweet pastries), and any tins or other essentials which have been donated to us.

Why can’t you deliver?

Unfortunately, we can’t deliver to everybody. And if we can’t deliver to everybody, that means we can’t deliver to anybody, out of fairness. If you qualify for food parcels, all you have to do is come to the church to collect your package - it is completely free. But if we start delivering to some people, then others will expect the same treatment and will no longer come to the foodbank. Besides, isn’t it better to get together and have a natter? :)

Can I help?

Members of the church can volunteer to help with the food bank. If you’re a believing Christian, and you want to take part, please come and talk to us about it on a Friday or a Sunday morning.

If you want to help supply the foodbank, please talk to us. Some key volunteers are: Gabriel, Liliana, and Lionel.