Canning Road Evangelical Church

Hero Academy (Kids Club)

Hero Academy is an awesome mix of games, music, and fun. The kids learn about our superhero, Jesus, and how we can learn to be more like him!

What’s it like?

  • We have 45 minutes of crafts, games, and/or sports. You can choose between the sports room and the quiet room, depending on how you feel.
  • We have a snack and a drink (provided)
  • We learn about Jesus, and talk about what we think
  • We sing-along with a fun song
  • Everyone can pray (talk to God) about anything they feel like

What do parents need to know?

Hero Academy is good way to get a little break from childcare one evening a week, knowing your kids are well looked after and are learning good values.

  • The club is for 5-11s (primary school age).
  • There is no cost
  • Start time is at 5:30pm
  • Pick-up time is at 7pm
  • We provide the kids with a small snack and drink during the club
  • All helpers are DBS (CRB) approved

When is it?

Hero Academy runs during term-time with breaks during school holidays and half terms.