Canning Road Evangelical Church

Different names, but all for Jesus

Written 10 Feb 2017

A lot of people talk about “denominations” which means “different names for types of churches”. That could be ‘Anglican’ or ‘Methodist’ or ‘Reformed’ or ‘Baptist’, etc, etc… but those names don’t really matter. Christian churches believe:

  • God made us
  • We have sinned (we’ve done wrong things, which keep us out of heaven)
  • We can’t fix our sin by ourselves, and we need a saviour
  • Jesus is the one who came to save us from sin by being a perfect sacrifice that pays for everyone (past, present, and future)
  • We can accept that salvation by believing in our hearts, and saying with our mouths, that Jesus is Lord (that means he is God) and that he rose from death to life.

And as long as we all agree on that, then all Christians are working for the same purpose; to give glory to God, and to help people get to know him.