Canning Road Evangelical Church

Family Service and breaking of bread

Our family service is where we meet together to praise God, learn more about him, and support each other in life.

A Sunday morning service

What’s it like?

It goes like this:

  • Welcome and prayer by the person at the front
  • Singing some songs and hymns
  • Listening to a sermon from the Bible
  • Breaking bread together (like Jesus did in the last supper - see below)
  • Finish with another song and a prayer

When can I come?

The service is on Sunday mornings at 10:30am, every week unless there’s something out of the ordinary happening, like a church weekend away.

What’s the Breaking of Bread?

In the Bible, on the night he died, Jesus had a last supper with his friends. Jesus knew what was going to happen that night because he always intended to die for us, because he wants our bad stuff (sin) to be forgiven so that we can be close to the father (that’s God).

So, before he went to the cross, he taught his friends a good way to remember him:

  • Eating bread to remember that Jesus’ body was broken for us so that we can be healed
  • Drinking wine (grape juice) to remember that Jesus’ blood pays for our sins, making them nothing, and giving us access to God in heaven

And we remember this by having bread and wine in a happy, orderly way. If you believe that Jesus is God, and that he died for you, you can join in with us when we do this on a Sunday:

  • The person at the front gives us a minute to think about Jesus and what he has done to save us. It’s a good time to think privately about what things we need to change in our lives.
  • The person at the front thanks God for the bread, breaks it up, and then it’s taken around on plates
  • When the bread comes to you, you can tear a piece off and eat it - you don’t have to wait for everyone to have some
  • After that, the grape juice is brought round in a cup. The cup is naturally designed to kill bacteria, and the juice we use is non-alcoholic.
  • When it comes to you, take the cup and have a sip

And that’s it! Remember that Jesus is alive, not dead! He is amazing, powerful, and he is praying for us all the time because he loves us and wants us to be more full of love and power.