Canning Road Evangelical Church

Sunday at Six

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Sometimes people think church is a boring place, where you sit in a pew, sing hymns, and fall asleep in the sermon. But church is supposed to be real people living their lives together for a greater good – our amazing God.

What’s it like?

In Sunday At Six, we strip it all back to basics:

  • Comfy seats and sofas
  • Relaxed atmosphere
  • Properly nice hot drinks and cakes
  • A short, interesting talk
  • Singing some modern songs about God

Sunday At Six was built for you, because God is pursuing you – chasing after you. You are his child and he is dying to have you back in his family. We want you to know that, and we are nice people to hang out with (we think).

If you’re not sure what life is about, come and discover what God has got in store for you.

When can I come?

We do Sunday at Six on the First Sunday of each month at 6pm. For example, the 5th March 2017, the 2nd April 2017, …
And it is at 6pm (of course).

We would love to see you there, no matter who you are.

What do I need?

Nothing. Come as you are. Don’t wear your sunday best, don’t bring a thing - just come and enjoy church.