Canning Road Evangelical Church

Enter the Light Zone

Written 01 Nov 2021

Since 2016, we’ve run a Halloween ‘Light Zone’ outside our house in High Park. It’s a bit of a neighbourhood fixture and lots of people ask me every year “Are you doing hot chocolate again this year? Your house is the best at Halloween!”. This is really fun because we don’t do anything scary at all, but kids and their parents don’t care about that!

If Jesus was around for Halloween, he would be throwing the party that everyone wants to be at. But I don’t think it would be spooky-scary, but a celebration. So we want to have magnetic goodness, just like he does.

At our outdoor party, we have music, lots of light, hot chocolate with all the trimmings, cakes made by the church, and some crafts that kids can do if their parents are happy to stick around!

This year we went through 135 cups of hot chocolate, 23 litres of milk, and over 100 cupcakes! We also saw kids do some really great decoration of our “no fear” posters.

No fear posters

Even though it was quite rainy, we had a great time and everyone really enjoyed it as usual. It’s so nice to reconnect with neighbours every year and talk about why we do Halloween differently.

The Light Zone is a place where masks come off (literally!) and we can love our neighbours in a real way. And I’m so grateful that so many of our church help out every year with cakes and volunteering.

Want to run your own neighbourhood Light Zone?

Get in touch by emailing ‘ste’ @ this domain for more info and I’d love to help you.