Canning Road Evangelical Church

Lightzone 2022

Written 01 Nov 2022

People at the lightzone

Every Halloween, in Ste and Helen’s front yard we get together to give away hot chocolate and cakes made by our church. Over the last six years, it’s become a neighbourhood tradition!

We do this because we believe in Jesus and we think that he would have the best party on Halloween, even if no-one dressed up. He would be generous, and friendly, and loving. He would tell you the best things about yourself. So we make our home a light zone, just like Jesus is the light of our lives.

Thank you to everyone who showed up and drank a collective 22 liters of hot chocolate. We love seeing some of you every year, and some new faces every time, too.

Maybe you can find your name on our wall of light? 🤩

A large surface emblazoned I want to be a shining light, and signed by dozens of people in glitter pen

You can read about previous years: 2021, 2017, or visit our dedicated microsite at

See you next year! 💡